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Business Commercial, Breach of Contract, Construction, Divorce, Insurance, HOA and Finance Dispute Resolutions

At this stage either the lender or borrower initiate a claim via our web submission form or via email and pay the appropriate administrative fee. The administrative fee covers the review, coordination, mailings and tracking of the claim.

A case manager reviews all submitted documents and makes coordination for resolution. The case manager will either contact the opposing party(s), or request missing information to be submitted for resolution in a reasonable time.  Resolution may not be favorable to one party or the other, as mediators and arbitrators are trained to be fair and impartial.

During this process (usually 10 -15 days), the case manager contacts the nonmoving party and a response is received whether they agree to the services requested or mandated by contract (mediation, arbitration, facilitation).

During this stage the claim is either set for resolution (virtual or in person mediation/arbitration), or a case memorandum is prepared to the moving party(s) with a recommendation for final resolution. At the close of a successful mediation parties will receive a copy of the signed agreement(s), while at arbitration parties will receive a copy of the arbitrator's decision called an "award" within 10 days of the hearing electronically and by certified mail.

RM&A Inc's Staff and panel of neutrals care creative, trained and certified by well recognized organizations such as the Florida Supreme Court, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority(FINRA), holding all neutrals to the highest standards of ethical conduct.  Additionally, RM&A Inc is committed to finding cost-effective dispute resolution services for both the general public and the business community.[/toggle][toggle title="Our Online Service Edeavors - Webconfere Mediation & Arbitration" open="no"]The "4 Step Debt ADR" Model is one of our creations bringing alternative dispute resolution directly to our community in a practical but yet a cost-effective means, such virtual and web/teleconferencing. The "4 Step Debt Alternative Dispute (ADR)" Model aims to find a resolution for both lenders and borrowers within a reasonable time. The model is without the hassle and requires much less time and fees than court litigation. The model allows both lenders and borrowers to explorer ways to resolve debt disputes in 4 stages. See our fours step approach below. Additionally, the filing party(s) can view case(s) progress 24/7 and interact with a case manager during the process. Transparency is our mantra!

Resolute Mediation & Arbitration Inc., A leader in Debt Resolution Mediations

As a leading Florida mediation and arbitration forum, Resolute Mediation & Arbitration Inc. has successfully resolved consumer and business finance disputes through mediation and arbitration since 2005. We promise to do all we can to find ways to explore ressolution with both lenders and borrowers in a reasonable and practicable time. Finally, we will remain neutral and inform you if there are any known concerns of conflict of interest prior to accepting your case.

How to Submit Your Case Video

RM&A Inc., a full service ADR forum

Resolute Mediation & Arbitration, Inc. is a leading ADR services forum. We are not a debt counseling agency, nor a credit repair organization. We are known as innovators in mediation and arbitration services and we offer our services by organizing conferences  virtually, by telephone/web-conferencing, in addition to traditional in-person meetings. Our neutrals facilitate the communication between lenders and borrowers helping them to reach a mediated settlement agreement or providing an arbitration award where arbitration is requested.

How to get started?

The process is simple: First, gather all information about your lender or borrower for the debt conflict you want to resolve. Then, gather all supporting documentation, including contracts if available. Submit your request via the 4 Step Debt ADR portal and pay the appropriate administrative fee. Up to four cases can be submitted at one time. For bulk rates contact our office. The next step is to simply monitor your case(s) via the Case Management portal. Your case manager will communicate with you throughout the process.

RM&A Inc, 4-Step Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Services

The 4-Step ADR services are facilitated by experienced certified mediators and approved arbitrators. Agencies of certification are state courts or similar certifying organizations such as Florida Supreme Court Dispute Resolution Center, holding neutrals to a high degree of ethical standard.

The 4-Step ADR allows disputants to resolve disputes in a timely, cost-effective and amicable close. Online debt ADR services include, online chat room mediation/arbitration and document(virtual) arbitration. If arbitration is mandated by contract with proper notice to all parties (given contract exemptions) the arbitrator may continue with the hearing.  In mediation, should the opposing parties not respond the case manager prepares a “good faith effort” memorandum with recommendations to pursue other resolution venues including litigation. The “good faith effort" memorandum can be used in litigation as supporting documentation.

Note: We facilitate communication between lenders and borrowers or their representative. For bulk flat rated Call Us Today! 1.866.384.4563 or email;

Resolute Mediation is incredibly responsive and transparent during the entire resolution process. Your account will provide you with 24/7 access to your case(s) progress and status. Our 4-Step Debt Resolution model is designed for a resolution to each case in approximately 60 days.