Greg Rance

Greg J. Rance, Legal Advisor, Solicitor (UK) – Web / Tel conference Mediation

Business – Commercial – Consumer – Contract – Division of Monies and Property
Greg J. Rance, has practiced law for ten years and is a qualified Solicitor in England. Prior to qualifying as a Solicitor he worked as a freelance legal advisor in the area of Criminal Law. Mr. Rance has had conduct of a great many cases, many of them involving serious matters.

Mr. Rance holds a Bachelor of Arts in Hstory and Philosophy from the University of Reading and also a aw Degree from Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London.

Mr. Rance is a trained certified civil mediator in the State of Florida having completed the Florida Supreme Court Circuit Civil Mediator Training Program.

Mr. Rance specializes in offering online dispute resolution and can make all the necessary arrangements for you to mediate your case using video conferencing software at no extra cost. The benefits of online mediation advantage is convenience, avoiding the need for the parties to travel to a designated location. The only equipment needed is a computer, a webcam and a microphone. Alternatively, parties can mediate using only the telephone.