Jackie Miller Brings , Candidate Psyd.

Jackie Miller brings a wealth of knowledge as a neutral to the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution. As a leader in the field of mediation, Jackie has mediated family and civil mediations. She is an expert in both leadership development, conflict resolution, mediation, facilitation, coaching and labor management negotiations. She is well recognized for her knowledge and expertise in matters of human resource, labor leader, collective bargaining, team building and conflict resolution.

Jackie has experience training and presenting to a variety of audiences on conflict resolution, team building, multicultural awareness and cultural diversity. Having an extensive academic background, she is a doctoral candidate in Psychology (PsyD) with a concentration in conflict management. Her research and scholarly interests include stress management, mediation, negotiation, effective communication, team collaboration and team building. She has a passion for youth development, community organizations, human factors, human trafficking and human rights. She is a highly sought-after speaker and serves on several boards and mediation panels.

Jackie is an energetic leader dedicated to building passionate relationships and collaboration. In addition, Jackie possesses the life experiences to understand and empathize with all parties involved. She is infectious in implementing positive cognitive behavioral change among those she encounter.