Appointments Booking

Let's Begin By Submitting Your Case for Review

As a full service dispute resolution forum, a case manager will review your submission, facilitate pre-conference communication make contact with all disputing parties and set up the conference venue; virtual or document arbitration, web-conference mediation and arbitration, in addition to traditional onsite services.

Thank you for selecting RM&A Inc as your preferred dispute resolution forum.
Conference bookings is easy:

  • Select the type of service and a conference date.
  • Tell us about your requirements and your contact information.
  • Upon receipt, the case manager will review, make contact with you. (The filing party/ claimant is responsible for the filing fees). See Services Rates.
  • When all parties agree on a date and the mediator or arbitrator(s), the case manager will prepare notices, if necessary, and forward a copy via email/mail to all disputing parties

Reminder, ensure to make timely payment (10 days) prior to the conference date to avoid cancellation. Payment can be made online. See Services Rates.
Give us a call, so we can meet your mediation and arbitration conferencing requirements. Tel 407.298.3751 or Toll free 1.866.384.4563 | Fax:407-705-3763