In mediation, a trained neutral third party is assisting the disputing parties to reach an agreement and to reduce it in writing. Each mediation case is unique and it is conducted in a way best suited to the parties and their disputes. Through negotiation and with the mediator’s helpful communication patterns and experience, the parties attempt to reach a settlement. The parties, not the mediator, are in control of the decision-making process.

Mediation can be both Binding and Nonbinding, or conducted in conjunction with arbitration. In binding mediation, the parties agree to first try to settle their dispute through mediation, but, if they are unable to reach an agreement, they give the mediator the power to make a decision for them.

In nonbinding mediation, if an agreement is not reached, parties may seek resolution through other means such as litigation.

In Med-Arb, the parties first try to settle the dispute with the help of a mediator, but if settlement doesn’t happen parties move forward to arbitration, where the arbitrator presides over an evidentiary hearing and issues an order.

Office Mediation
Traditional in person meeting with our mediator at our office in downtown Orlando.

Web Mediation
Parties “meet” with our mediator online via web-conference. This option saves money and it is convenient because parties may attend from their office or home.

Phone Conference Mediation
Similar with web mediation, but communication is via phone.

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