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Divorce Orlando Florida

Family & Divorce Mediation

Divorce does not have to be expensive. Consider divorce by mediation and avoid the lengthy and costly litigation process! Get the peace of mind the family deserves!

Commercial Dispute Mediation Orlando

Commercial Mediation & Arbitration

Landlord/tenant, HOA, Builders/Contractors disputes, Contracts, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Partnership,  Central, Florida and nationwide.

Workplace Mediation & Arbitration Services

Workplace Mediation & Arbitration

Employment disputes & workplace conflicts are a common reality that require the expertise of  experienced workplace neutrals.

Workplace Mediation & Arbitration Services

Personal Injury Mediation & Arbitration

Injuries negligent vehicle operation, Product liability, failure to warn, defective design,  Injury resulting from the negligence of others. We can help.


RM&A Inc., Resolution Model

At this stage either the filing party, the Claimant, or Representative initiates a “Claim” either via our online Claim Submission and Scheduler Portal or via email by completing the Claims Form for Mediation or Arbitration. The filing party, the Claimant, may also contact RM&A’s Case Management for assistance at casemgt@resolutemediation.com or (407) 298-3751.  The Claim must be submitted with the associated Administrative Fee which covers the review, coordination, mailings and tracking of the claim.

A case manager reviews all submitted documents and makes coordination for resolution. The case manager will either contact the opposing party(s), or request missing information to be submitted for resolution in a reasonable time.  Resolution may not be favorable to one party or the other, as mediators and arbitrators are trained to be fair and impartial.

During this process (usually 10 -15 days), the case manager contacts the nonmoving party and a response is received whether they agree to the services requested or mandated by contract (mediation, arbitration, facilitation).
During this stage the claim is either set for resolution (virtual or in person mediation/arbitration), or a case memorandum is prepared to the moving party(s) with a recommendation for final resolution. At the close of a successful mediation parties will receive a copy of the signed agreement(s), while at arbitration parties will receive a copy of the arbitrator’s decision called an “award” within 10 days of the hearing electronically and by certified mail.

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