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Divorce / Family Mediation Divorce by Mediation Orlando Florida.

Divorce is already not an easy process and using the adversarial court system (litigation) makes getting a divorce much harder than it needs to be.  Divorce litigation is expensive, harms already strained relationships, and often has enduring negative effects on everyone in the family.

Before going through the divorce process or going back to court for custody issues and spending thousands of dollars on attorney’s fees, consider Mediation, it will save you time and money.

Our Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediators can help divorcing couples avoid a lengthy adversarial legal divorce process, which can be extremely expensive. A family mediator will work closely with either self-representing litigants or their attorneys during divorce.

We can also assist with “Post” or “In suit” divorce disputes such as modification to support, visitation or revising a Parenting Plan to reflect a current workable schedule.

Divorce by Mediation packet – Click to Get Started 
Full Dissolution of Marriage Mediation Packet: $1,200.00


Up to four (4) hours meditation,
One (1) hour for review, signing of documents,
Complete settlement agreement (property, assets and liabilities, alimony, visitation/time sharing, and special circumstances),
Completion of required Dissolution of Marriage forms,
Child support calculation guidelines,
Payment Terms: The cost is normally split between the parties. Payments can be made online or by calling our office at least 48 hours prior to the conference. Failure to make payment will result in cancellation of the conference. Payments are refundable with timely cancellation. (For “Divorce by Mediation” packet a deposit of $400 is required before the first mediation session).

Where “Divorce by Mediation” is selected divorcing couples work closely with a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediators to complete and successfully file an uncontested divorce.  The mediator facilitates communication between parties, assists parties with Florida Supreme Court Approved Forms according to agreed terms,  Child Calculations or Spousal Support, Marital Assets Division and the creation of a Parenting Plan.

How Divorce by Mediation works; a fast and easy pro-se divorce mediation process:

  • After the intake meeting, a case manager schedules the mediation conference
  • A case manager can make contact opposing party  if requested
  • Parties complete information worksheets  and statement of issues they want to resolve during mediation session(s) and submit the documents to case manager
  • Parties attend the mediation session(s). At all times, parties are in control of the decision-making process
  • Experienced mediators help parties come to an agreement, reduces the agreements to writing
  • Lastly, parties file all forms and agreements and wait for a hearing date to be set by the court.

Online Florida divorce resources: Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) – Orange County Clerk of Courts; Florida Supreme Court, Approved Divorce Forms.

After separation or divorce, our Parenting Coordination services help parents resolve disputes and cooperate in the parenting process. This is beneficial during the adjustment phase of establishing new lifestyles after divorce. Keep in mind, the success of joint parenting depends on the cooperative relationship between the divorcing parents!

Our neutrals are Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediators  with background in Divorce Lawyers, Divorce Orlando, Divorce Mediation Orlando
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