EEO Services Investigators and Counselors

Tiffany Carty, MS
Project Manager

Project Manager | Intake Counselor

Dwayne Clark, Sr.

Primary EEO Services Counselor | Investigator

Certified Circuit Civil Mediator

Guno Ritfeld, J.D., LL.M.

EEO Services Counselor | Investigator | Reviewer

Certified Circuit Civil Mediator

Nicole Benjamin, Esq.

Nicole Benjamin, Esq.

EEO Service Counselor | Reviewer

Certified Circuit Civil Mediator

ADRA-Information-Security-Policy      Resolute Mediation & Arbitration Inc is a Government Service Acquisition(GSA) Contract holder. RMA&A offers confidential EEO services to federal and private sector organizations. In keeping with the requirements of the EEOC Management Directive (MD-110 and MD 715), and 29 CFR 1614, RM&A maintains a staff of experienced EEO counselors and Investigators and Mediators.

RM&A Service: Services include, EEO Complaint Intake, formal and informal investigations of complaints of discrimination, preparation of Reports of Investigation, and writing Final Agency Decisions. RM&A also provides the required New Counselors and Investigators courses through its training division ADR Academy. RM&A’s counselors are neutral parties who assist agencies with delivering an effective EEO counseling program. Book your request for services online.



Advantages of Settlement

  1. Voluntary settlement efforts can be pursued at any time during the investigation, but settling a charge early may save you the time and effort associated with investigations.
  2. The settlement is an informal process. The goal of a settlement is to reach an agreement that is satisfactory to all parties.
  3. There is no admission of liability.
  4. If the parties, including EEOC, reach a voluntary agreement, the charge will be dismissed.
  5. Settlement agreements are enforceable.
  6. The settlement avoids lengthy and unnecessary litigation.

Resources: EEOC Mediation Contacts