Mediation and Arbitration Services Fees

Administrative / Intake Fee: $100


$125.00 per party, per hour; minimum 2 hours reserved except family cases.

Mediator Specific reservation: Family Mediator, Arve Wikstrom ($300.00 per hours / $150.00 per Party; Min 3 hours reserved)


$125 per party, per hour, per arbitrator; minimum 2 hours reserved. Additional pre-conference meeting fees will be charged at $125.00 per hour per party if required.

Web-conference Rates

Flat Rates Web-conference Mediation:

$85.00  / Per Party (60 min web-conference)

Web-conference / Document Arbitration: 

$100.00 / per party (60 min web-conference)

RM&A, Inc. holds the right to make changes to rates as appropriate.

Parties will be notified of the time and location where the mediation session is being held. Conferences are usually held at our office, at 121 South Orange Ave., Ste. 1500, Orlando, FL 32801, at a time agreed by all parties.

Dissolution of marriage – mediation services

Full Dissolution of Marriage Mediation Packet: $1,200.00

Includes up to four (4) hours mediation
One (1) hour for review, signing of documents
Complete settlement agreement (property, assets and liabilities, alimony, visitation / time sharing, and special circumstances)
Completion of required Dissolution of Marriage forms
Child support calculation guidelines

Payment Terms: Each party should make the payment online, or by calling our office at least 48 hours prior to the conference. Failure to make payment will result in cancellation of conference. Payments are refundable with timely cancellation. (For “Divorce by Mediation” packet a deposit of $400 is required before the first mediation session).

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Resolute Mediation & Arbitration is a leading mediation services firm. We are known as innovators in mediation and arbitration services offering mediation virtually online, by email and telephone in addition to traditional office mediation and arbitration.
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