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Federal Trade Commission – Debt Collections Arbitration

By | July 16th, 2016|Uncategorized|

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the nation’s consumer protection agency. The FTC works to prevent fraudulent, deceptive and unfair business practices in the marketplace.  The following FTC blog is an informational blog on Debt Collection Arbitration. RM&A Inc business practices ensure the highest standards are met for fair and impartial ADR process.  Button Text [...]

Orlando Divorce |Resolute Mediation & Arbitration Inc.

By | June 13th, 2016|Divorce Orlando Florida|

DIVORCE BY MEDIATION IN ORLANDO(FL) Divorce legal separation of man and wife, effected, for cause, by the judgment of a court, and either totally dissolving the marriage relation, or suspending its effects so far as concerns the cohabitation of the parties as result of any unfriendly habit from any member of both party. Taking a [...]

Divorce in Orlando Florida

By | June 11th, 2016|Divorce Orlando Florida|

 Contemplating Divorce? Consider Divorce by Mediation Are you contemplating divorce and interested in decreasing the time and money wasted on court battles? Are you anxious to start rebuilding your life right after the divorce? Then you will benefit from Divorce by Mediation Service by Resolute Mediation & Arbitration Inc. Are you wondering how mediation works [...]

Florida Supreme Court- Family Law Forms

By | May 15th, 2016|Uncategorized|

Florida Supreme Court Self-Help Center The Florida Supreme Court Self-Help Center is your online guide to help direct you through the court system. The role of the self-help center staff is to direct interested individuals to the self-help website where they can explore resources needed to represent themselves, access the courts, and other essential resources. [...]

Florida Bar Find A Lawyer

By | May 15th, 2016|Videos|

Florida bar find a lawyer. Find a Lawyer at the  Florida Bar | Florida Bar Consumer and Educational Videos      

Divorce does not have to be expensive “Divorce by Mediation”

By | May 14th, 2016|Videos|

Divorce / Family Mediation Divorce Orlando, Divorce by Mediation Orlando Florida. Before going through the divorce process or going back to court for custody issues and spending thousands of dollars on attorney’s fees, consider Mediation to reduce the cost of litigation. Our Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediators can help divorcing couples avoid a lengthy adversarial legal divorce process, which can be extremely expensive. Divorce [...]

B2B ADR Services

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Consumer Debt Collection Due Process Protocol- National Taskforce

By | August 30th, 2015|Uncategorized|

CONSUMER DEBT COLLECTION DUE PROCESS PROTOCOL STATEMENT OF PRINCIPLES 1 | Consumer Debt Collection Due Process Protocol Statement of Principles National Task Force on the Arbitration of Consumer Debt Collection Disputes October, 2010 I. Background A. The Consumer Due Process Protocol Under the auspices of the American Arbitration Association® (“AAA®”), a National Task Force [...]

4-step Debt Alternative Dispute Resolution – Press Release 7 August 2015

By | April 14th, 2015|Uncategorized|

Resolute Mediation and Arbitration Announces New Online Dispute Resolution Service for Debt Resolution    Orlando, Florida - Resolute Mediation and Arbitration, Inc. is combating the high costs and lengthy process of traditional litigation by providing a modern alternative to resolve legal disputes. While they perform traditional Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) services, their newly created, 4-step [...]

4-Step Debt ADR Explained

By | July 31st, 2012|Videos|