Debt Mediation

Debt Mediation Services

As a leading Orlando mediation and arbitration forum, Resolute Mediation & Arbitration, Inc. has successfully resolved consumer and business finance disputes through mediation and arbitration since 2005. Our goal is to offer services without the hassle involved in court litigation and saving time and money for our clients.

The most common way to resolve financial obligation disputes are Arbitration or Mediation. The way a lender wants to resolve a dispute is usually stipulated in the lenders’ agreement with the borrower.

We offer Mediation and Arbitration services in person or by web/teleconference.

Financial Arbitration

In Arbitration, a neutral party, an arbitrator, after reviewing and hearing the facts from all parties, will render a decision known as an Award. Decision of the Arbitrator is binding unless parties previously agreed to non-binding arbitration. In most cases, the lenders’ agreement indicates the type of forum for resolving disputes.

Financial Mediation

In Mediation, a neutral party, the mediator, assists lenders and consumers to achieve a mediated solution. Unlike the arbitrator, mediator does not make a decision. The borrower and the lender make the decision on how to best settle the dispute and the final terms. The Mediator will assist the parties in memorializing the agreed terms and sign the document prior to ending the conference. In Biding Mediation, both lender and borrower agree prior to the conference that the mediator will make a final resolution on any issues the parties could not agree on. The Mediator will make a separate agreement, where the parties agreed to honor and execute as a final terms for resolution.

Business to Business Debt Mediation

Business Debt Mediation through RM&A’s services is the key to finding peace of mind for the burden of unpaid debt. Our objective is to assist by mediating financial business disputes and help parties reach an agreement before they consider litigation.

The main benefit of resolving disputes using our mediation and arbitration services is avoiding costly, time consuming and emotionally draining litigation and/or bankruptcy proceedings.

Consumer to Business Debt Mediation

Avoid facing expensive civil litigation due to unpaid credit card debt, mortgage, loans or other financial obligations! We can help you!

During consumer debt mediation, our experienced mediators will work with your creditors to come to an agreement on debt payoff and terms of payment. The mediator will reduce the agreed terms and amount to be paid in writing and provide each party with a signed copy.

Let RM&A, Inc. help you find a resolution to your debt dispute!

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Debt Resolution 4 Step Process

Resolution Stage 1

At this stage, either the lender or borrower initiates a claim via our web submission form or via email and pay the appropriate administrative fees. The administrative fees cover case review, coordination, mailings and tracking of the claim.

Resolution Stage 2

A case manager reviews all submitted documents for processing and makes coordination for case resolution. The case manager contacts the opposing party(s) and /or requests missing information to be submitted for resolution in a reasonable time. A claim resolution may not be favorable to one party or the other, as mediators and arbitrators are trained to be fair and impartial.

Resolution Stage 3

During this stage, usually between 10 -15 days, the case manager has contacted the nonmoving party, and a response is received whether they agreed to the services requested or mandated by contract (mediation, arbitration, facilitation).

Resolution Stage 4

During this stage the claim is either set for resolution (virtual or in person mediation/arbitration), or a case memorandum is prepared for the moving party(s) with recommendation for final resolution. At the close of a successful mediation parties receive a copy of the signed agreement(s), while at arbitration parties receive a copy of the arbitrator’s decision called an “award” within 10 days of the hearing electronically and by certified mail.

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