Lizyvette Ramos

Lizyvette Ramos was born in Venezuela, where she graduated from Law School. Her native language is Spanish. She completed a Bachelor in Psychology and a Masters in Forensic Psychology in the United States.

She has experience working as a Forensic Case Manager where she was able to assist in the preparation of child custody evaluations and conducting interviews. Also, Lizyvette has experience working as a victim advocate, where she helped victims of trauma related to sexual assault/domestic violence.

Her role as a Victim Advocate included assisting clients with crisis intervention, law enforcement interviews, court-related activities, victim’s rights, victim compensation, injunctions; as well as financial, employment, and residential issues. Further professional expertise involved the provision of services as a Parent Liaison in order to have the opportunity to guide and empower parents to become collaborative, promote family involvement, support families navigating transitions, and facilitate effective communications between families and schools

With the purpose of creating awareness, Lizyvette published a book in April 2015 in both English and Spanish versions: “Sexual Assault [Rape]: Moving from Victim to Survivor” and “Asalto Sexual [Violación]: De Víctima a Sobreviviente.” This book was later acknowledged by former Vice-President of the United States Joe Biden, who sent a letter to Lizyvette to thank her for her book, as it covers such important issues as domestic violence. Biden emphasized the importance of changing attitudes and changing people’s lives.

Lizyvette became a certified Family Mediator because she believes the way divorces are handled can make a profound difference in the lives of families experiencing it. She believes it should not be necessary for families to become victims of divorce, and parents have the power to make decisions that will ultimately affect not only them, but also such a vulnerable population as their children.

As a wife and mother of four children, Lizyvette recognizes the many turns that life can take and the difficulties that can be encountered through such a journey. She maintains that important factors to keep in mind through any journey include these 9 C’s: choice, collaborate, communicate, compromise, conviction, commitment, courage, connect, and completion.conviction, commitment, courage, connect, and completion.