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Before You File Suit, Call Resolute !

Resolute Mediation & Arbitration, Inc. - a full service dispute resolution forum. Mediation, Arbitration, Fact Finding services and conflict resolution training, for the public and our business community.


 Mediation & Arbitration Services:
Alternative Dispute ResolutionTraining:
Web-based Conferencing & Virtual Arbitration:
Easy to use video-conferencing technology available to anyone considering online mediation.
The Virtual Arbitrator is an Internet-based solution that allows parties to resolve their case or disputed claim completely on line, through arbitration.

All mediations and Arbitrations are subject to the provision of Florida Confidentiality and Privilege Act. §. 44.102, 107.406, unless the parties expressly agree otherwise, and so inform RM&A Inc. in writing.
Mediation Rules
The primary purpose of these Rules is to assist you in reaching a settlement of the issues you will be mediating. The Rules are necessary to protect the integrity and confidentiality of the mediation process. They will assist you in examining relevant factors necessary for a full discussion of the issues. You will determine a resolution of your conflict, but these Rules are intended to protect the integrity of the process and to ensure full discussion and analysis of relevant issues. Your voluntaries consent to be bound by these Rules is a prerequisite to the mediator agreeing to serve as your mediator. READ MORE
Arbitration Rules
The parties shall be deemed to have made these rules a part of their dispute resolution clause agreement whenever they have provided for arbitration by Resolute Mediation & Arbitration Inc (hereinafter RM&A Inc) under its Arbitration Rules or for arbitration by RM&A Inc of a dispute without specifying particular rules.READ MORE
Mediation Process
Each mediation is conducted in a way best suited to the parties and the dispute. Our mediators make the best effort possible in order to assist the parties in reaching an agreement. READ MORE
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