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Central Florida Mediation and Arbitration Forum, Mediation, Arbitration, Divorce, HOA disputes,

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 Resolving disputes efficiently and effectively is a key consideration of business people everywhere. Join the Central Florida Business professionals in making RM&A Inc., Central Florida preferred local dispute resolution forum.

 Registering with RM&A indicates that you are committed to resolving disputes confidentially, amicable and in a cost -effective manner while preserving the organization’s good reputation and rapport  with customers and business associates. It is also indication that your organization will honor and will abide by the rules set forth by the dispute resolution forum.

As a registered organization will have full access 24/7 to case files and status through the account created. Communications with case management, disputants and neutrals can also be conducted via the portal allowing for a speedier dispute resolution and agreement.

How it works:

Register with RM&A Inc. as your preferred ADR provider- Mediation, Arbitration, facilitation and add a dispute resolution clause to you contracts and agreements. Examples for your use or see samples below.

Should an dispute arise, either the registered organization or the disputant submits the disputes online via the RM&A portal or by email RM&A case management will make the necessary coordination for mediation or arbitration conferencing. Conference venues include onsite in-person, chat or document mediation/arbitration to web/teleconferencing. See examples on ADR-TV on our home page.

At the conference a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator or an Approved Arbitrator(s) will assist the parties drafting an agreement to the settlement reach at mediation or provide a decision within 10 working days of the arbitration hearing to the disputants.

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Sample Dispute Resolution Clauses. Also consider a consult with your legal advisor.


If a dispute arises out of or relates to this contract, or the breach thereof, and if the dispute cannot be settled through negotiation, the parties agree first to try in good faith to settle the dispute by mediation, conciliation administered by Resolute Mediation & Arbitration Inc. before resorting to arbitration under this section, litigation, or some other dispute resolution procedure.


. . . arbitration under the arbitration rule of Resolute Mediation & Arbitration Inc. (“RM&A”) is in effect at the time this Agreement is executed or, with the consent of all parties, the Rules in effect at the time arbitration is commenced.  The location of the arbitration shall be such city in the State of Florida determined by the RM&A or, if the RM&A declines or fails to determine the city, by the arbitrator(s). Any award entered by the arbitrator(s) may be confirmed, modified or vacated, and judgment entered, by the Orange County Court or, if the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida has diversity jurisdiction, by that court, and all parties irrevocably consent to the jurisdiction of those courts.  The provisions of the Federal Arbitration Act (9 U.S.C. § 1 et seq.) and the Florida Arbitration Code (Florida Statutes, Chapter 682), to the extent applicable, shall govern the arbitration. [Add: general choice of law provision]