Guno O. Ritfeld, JD., LL.M.


Guno Ritfeld is the President and CEO of Resolute Mediation & Arbitration Inc. and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Academy (ADRA), where he leverages his diverse and extensive experience to lead the organization towards efficiency and excellence. A former Commissioned Officer in the Department of Defense, Ritfeld holds degrees in Psychology/Education, law (JD), and a Master of Laws (LL.M.), equipping him with a robust educational foundation to excel in various leadership roles.

Under Ritfeld’s guidance, Resolute Mediation & Arbitration has successfully secured contracts with State and Federal agencies, managing these with a proficient team of arbitrators, mediators, investigators, instructors, and legal professionals. Certified by the Florida Supreme Court, he is adept at mediating civil circuit, family, and county cases, and is an acknowledged arbitrator by FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and the National Dispute Resolution Center, with a specialization in Lemon Law cases.

Ritfeld’s career from 1989 to 2003 as a private investigator in Florida saw him delving into white-collar crimes, insurance, and intellectual property cases. His current roles include serving as a contract Human Rights Mediator for Charlottesville, Virginia, a Special Education mediator for the Virginia Department of Education, and Claims Mediator for the Florida Department of Financial Services.

Adding to his repertoire, Ritfeld has a profound background in handling intellectual property disputes, insurance disputes, and is increasingly involved in human rights and employment and labor law disputes. His work in these areas complements his vast experience in family law, consumer manufactures disputes, and more, making him a versatile and skilled professional in the field of mediation and arbitration.