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 Contemplating Divorce? Consider Divorce by Mediation

Are you contemplating divorce and interested in decreasing the time and money wasted on court battles? Are you anxious to start rebuilding your life right after the divorce? Then you will benefit from Divorce by Mediation Service by Resolute Mediation & Arbitration Inc. Are you wondering how mediation works in divorce?

In recent years, couples considering divorce are turning to Divorce by Mediation. It simply make perfect family ethical sense to consider divorce mediation strategies. Here’s why.

Professional Family Law Mediators

“Divorce by Mediation” is a process where the divorcing couples with the assistance of a family law mediators, resolve divorce or dissolution of marriage disputes. Disputes usually brought to mediation can include child custody agreements, child support mediations and marital assets. You may be wondering what to expect in divorce mediation. A few meetings with the mediator can achieve results more efficiently and cost effectively than a bitter, lengthy court case. Each party is heard and walks away with a compromise. In many cases, couples find their solution is mediation instead of divorce.

Child Custody Agreements

Child custody case mediation is the best method to resolve parenting differences. Both parents have the best interest of the child in mind but they simply see it from different perspective and do not want to lose out on the young years of the child’s life. With the assistance of a Resolute Mediation & Arbitration, Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator these differences can be settled peacefully.

The beautiful thing about have a parent sharing agreement is that as life changes the parents can adjust the plan to reflect the reality of life that meets the child best interest and works for both parents. This is also done by going through a child custody battle in litigation where the parties are still referred to find a mediator to settle the case before the judge will hear the case.

In child custody cases where the divorce is filed or a final judgment was issued earlier, a mediator can assist the party with new terms to adjust the court order. This is called a “modification”. The Family Mediator will assist the party with the court approved agreement indicating the new terms for the judge review. In most cases the judge favors the terms the parties themselves have tailored and will order a new judgment.

How much does divorce cost in Florida?

A Divorce can be as low as the court filing fee – now set at $408.00. Check with your local court to verify. Divorce can also be as expensive as the divorcing couples make it out to be. Most believe that they have to hire an attorney immediately and go throughout the lengthy, formal litigation process, but that does not have to be. The truth is that even if the parties have legal advisors and there are disputed issues such as child visitation, child or spousal support, the court will refer the case to mediation.

The benefits of Divorce by Mediation is enormous. The financial savings allow the assets to stay with the family. The time saved and the peace of mind received to rebuilt lives after the divorce is priceless. The Divorce by Mediation process settlement agreements can be completed in one or two meetings, versus ten to twelve months or more for an attorney-driven divorce.

In fact, divorcing couples in Central Florida have become much smarter about the Divorce by Mediation process. The recent trend is that divorcing couples are seeking out Court Certified Family Mediators to assist them with the divorce process without the formal and lengthy adversarial process saving them thousands of dollars.

Divorcing couples should not confuse mediation with legal representation. Although the mediator may be legal advisor, he/she cannot provide legal advice. However, they can provide legal information for the party’s consideration and explore the many avenues associated with how to settle any dispute. They can also point out issues that may not be practical and how others have settled similar disputes.

Before You File Suit, Call Resolute! If you are in the Orlando area and looking for the least amount of stress and cost in your divorce, consider using a mediator for divorce. Visit our website at www.resolutemediation.com. You will find more information and mediation advice for men and women. Schedule your appointment right online. The cost of divorce mediation is a fraction of the cost of paying an attorney and court costs.

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